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We can help you prepare for applying to be a dental assistant with our school course. One of the main things that professionals will look for is the proper credentials. However, meeting this requirement is only the first step. With such a large variety of medical fields in dentistry, there are multiple options and opportunities available to you.

It is up to you to seek these opportunities and stand out among the applicants. Fortunately, we can help prepare you for this process and other skills that you will need when being a dental assistant.

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Hospitality and Calmness

The first thing that most patients, new or old, experience when walking into a dentist office is checking in at the front desk. Some patients may be anxious about their appointment or in physical pain from an oral health issue. Even if the interaction is brief, being kind and calm will help to ease the patient. As a dental assistant, you may also help prepare the patient for the dentist appointment. Therefore, it is even more crucial to remain calm and help the patient relax.

During our course, we will review front office management to help students understand the importance of maintaining a comforting and pleasant environment from the moment patients walk in the door. When a dental assistant is beginning a regular dental checkup with the patient and preparing the equipment, it is important to help the patient remain comfortable. Methods to help a patient remain calm can include:

  • Answering any questions the patient has
  • Reviewing what the different dental tools are for (This can be especially helpful with children)
  • Talking with the patient about his or her life
  • Reviewing past appointments and checkups with the patients

These are only a few of the possible methods for keeping patients at ease. Since there are a large variety of dental professions, each practice will have different methods for helping patients relax. However, keeping patients calm is only part of a dental assistant’s responsibilities. It is just as important to educate the patient on oral hygiene and provide proper follow-up instructions after the appointment.

Educate the patient

A factor that will help students stand out when applying for a dental assistant position is being able to understand and give proper instructions on oral hygiene techniques. While many people brush or floss, they do not always do so properly. A dental assistant needs to have the knowledge and ability to review oral hygiene techniques the patients can complete at home for healthier teeth. If a patient has a specific condition or oral health issue that requires specialized care, then the dental assistant may need to go over this during the appointment.

It is also important to not make the patient feel ashamed or embarrassed about their at-home oral hygiene. While the patient may need to learn a new technique, being too stern with the patient can upset them. We will help students learn how to address these topics in a professional and courteous way. Taking and passing this course will also help an applicant stand out by displaying the student has the knowledge to be a dental assistant.

A dental assistant is a liaison between the patient and dentist. Since a dentist is busy and usually has to see multiple patients in one day, the dental assistant may need to relay instructions or other facts from the dentist to the patient.

Prepare for the application process

Toward the end of our course, we will also go over building the student’s resume to apply for dental assistant positions. It is important for students to realize that each profession has different requirements and preferences for what they see on a resume. Therefore, it is important for students to update their resumes to those standards.

During the course, we will take time to do just that while also offering tips on completing the job search for a dental assistant position. While there are career opportunities available for aspiring dental assistants, the students need to take advantage of those opportunities and begin the search. Every task that a dental assistant completes is important, no matter what it is.

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Even if being a dental assistant is only a step toward a different position, students need to take it seriously from the first day of job searching to getting the job. Being a dental assistant is not just a job, it is a career. If you are interested in enrolling in our course or have other questions, give us a call today. We will help you get on track toward becoming a dental assistant with your best foot forward.

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