How Long Does Dental Assistant Training Take?

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Becoming a dental assistant is relatively simple. There aren’t nearly as many years of schooling to go through, and a person will still get all of the benefits of helping patients get their teeth back to normal.

Why become a dental assistant?

A person may consider becoming a dental assistant because they want to be in a position where they can help others. However, they might not want to undergo the many years of training that a dentist has to. So, they opt for becoming a dental assistant.

Knowing what training dental assistants have to go through and for how long can benefit a person that might consider going to school for this. There are many people out there who may consider dental training, but might not commit to it. Knowing what is entailed can be important for those considering this career choice. There will always be teeth to treat, so dental assistants are just as important as dentists are.

Below, we will break down what a dental assistant will go through to be certified, and how long this can take. People that are considering a career in dental assistant work have a huge role to fill, as they ensure that patients receive the best care while also assisting the dentist with important procedures.

Becoming a dental assistant

Becoming a dental assistant involves anywhere from nine months to two years of additional schooling or training. A dental assistant will have to achieve the normal four-year degree, but then they can go on to get their certification as a dental assistant.

A person can take courses at community or vocational colleges to earn this certification. There are even online classes or training centers designated solely for people wanting to be a dental assistant.

Depending on the area that a person lives in, there might be different requirements they would have to complete to begin a dental assistant job at a dentist’s office. Some states require that a two-year associates degree be received while others only require a certification from a designated program, such as online or a training center.

Why it matters

It is important to know, for people considering a career as a dental assistant, what training would entail and how long it would take. There are many important things to learn as a dental assistant because you are providing the best possible care to patients that may experience pain or anxiety about visiting the dentist’s office in the first place. Many people get anxious about visiting the dentist and procedures done, so it is extremely crucial for dental assistants to learn how to interact with patients as well. Dental assistants are also responsible for helping the dentist in any way that they can, which is crucial because dentists have another person’s teeth in their hands.

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