Choosing the Right Dental Assistant Training Program

Becoming a dental assistant is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the U.S. mostly because the required training takes a very short time to complete. As a career, dental assisting offers you decent pay, as well as a level of job security and satisfaction that is difficult to attain in other fields. The guide below provides relevant information on the considerations and steps necessary to select a suitable dental assistant training program. It is the first step toward a rich and fulfilling career.

Things to consider when choosing a dental assistant training program

Most dental assistant training programs are taken either at a community college or a technical school. In addition, dental assistants can also learn their duties and responsibilities through on-the-job training. Before selecting a training program, there are several things to consider to ensure the best choice.

1. The length of the program

Different training facilities and institutions offer a wide variety of options that lead to variations in length of each program. Some institutions offer part-time training, which lengthens the training period, while others offer a full-time intensive program that takes a shorter time to complete. Find out how long various programs last before making a selection according to your schedule and needs.

2. Program coverage

All aspiring dental assistants should look for a training program that covers anatomy, oral health, practices, procedures and skills adequately before enrolling for dental assistant training. A useful way to compare various programs is to acquire a course content guide from several training institutions before enrolling.

3. Costs and financing options

Cost considerations are important for any student looking to further their education. It is important to know the cost of training programs in various states and institutions before enrolling. Apart from tuition fees, potential students should also inquire about payment options, as well as scholarships, depending on the selected training school.

4. Preparations and prerequisite courses

Some dental assistant training programs require entrants to have particular training or completed a given course prior to the commencement of the program. It is essential to keep in mind the list of requirements and prerequisite courses that a trainee must complete before enrolling in a training course. Job shadowing is also an effective preparatory measure for students seeking to enroll in dental training programs.

5. Job placement rates and hiring partnerships

An important consideration for any aspiring dental assistant before agreeing to join a training program is its success rate. This is measured by the number of successful graduates who are able to find jobs after completing the training program. Aspiring dental assistants may inquire from the training institution about any existing partnerships with hospitals and dental firms that offer job opportunities to successful students from their program.

6. Accreditation

When selecting one of the many training programs available today, it is always a good idea to ensure that the institution is accredited to the relevant bodies. Accreditation means that the training offered at the institution meets all the quality standards stipulated for training and professional practice.

Regardless of the institution selected or the length of the program, the most important thing is to find an accredited institution that offers quality training from experienced faculty. Choose a program that meets all the specified regulations, as well as your schedule and training needs.

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